Commercial Property Management: What to Look for When Hiring

Commercial Property Management: What to Look for When Hiring

Don't let a bad manager break your commercial real estate investment. You need to be careful about which company you trust your property investment with.

The right company can unlock your commercial properties' full profit potential. This ensures it thrives and stands out in a competitive market. Look for these qualities in a potential commercial property management company.


Reliable companies have a track record demonstrating performance. Hopefully, it is with properties similar to yours. This could be buildings similar in size, zoned use, location, or tenant.

Ask potential companies about their current property portfolio. This will tell you what type of properties the firm typically manages.

You can also ask about the company's commercial property valuation methods.


Streamlining lease management reduces costs and improves tenant relations. Ask what software, platforms, or other tools the company uses. Ask what type of reporting they can provide.

Look for companies with a suite of tools. It should include tools like the King County Parcel Viewer, a maintenance portal, a tenant portal, and accounting tools. This helps them maintain a higher level of organization.


A company with a strong reputation can be more trustworthy. Determine a company's reputation by asking for references that you can contact. You can also look the management company up online and read reviews.


You want a property management company that maintains open lines of communication. They should provide regular updates and address issues promptly. This makes your relationship with the management team better.

It will also help with maintaining strong tenant relations. Tenants feel better when they know their concerns are listened to.

Maintenance and Repair Policy

Maintenance and repair are crucial for maintaining your commercial property's value. There are two sides to this policy. The first is the plan to maintain property value.

Your property manager should know the necessary tasks for long-term maintenance. This helps the building to run efficiently, keeping operational costs low.

The other half of this policy is the tenant's request for repairs. A management company that takes a proactive approach will reduce repair costs. It will also maintain tenant satisfaction.


Commercial properties need more time and effort for management than residential ones. The more services the company offers, the more expensive the fee will be.

Look for the best quality property management service that you can afford that also provides the services you need. Do not make your choice based solely on price. While it is important to budget, remember you get what you pay for.

The fee structure should also be transparent. Less reputable property management services will have hidden fees.

Hire Commercial Property Management

Experience and expertise are paramount for a commercial property management company. As the property owner, you need to trust that your real estate is in qualified hands. Ask about the company's management tools, reputation, and maintenance policy.

Finally, the service you choose needs to fit within your budget. At PMI Brewder Realty, we create personalized management plans for commercial property owners.

Request a rental analysis today and set your commercial property up for success with PMI Brweder Realty's effective management.