Tenant Evictions in Lynnwood, Washington: A Guide for Landlords

Tenant Evictions in Lynnwood, Washington: A Guide for Landlords

The Washington State eviction resolution pilot program ended in June 2023. At the same time, the legislature authorized that individual counties could continue with the program at their discretion.

Along with several others, Snohomish County elected to continue with this initiative that connects landlords and tenants to a dispute resolution expert. In this way, they can explore alternatives like rental assistance before commencing the eviction process.

Read on to discover the correct procedure for evictions in Lynwood, WA.

Legal Reasons for Evicting a Tenant

In Washington State, landlords may evict tenants under the following circumstances:

Non-Payment of Rent

If a tenant is one day late with their rent, the landlord can provide the tenant with a 14-day notice to pay or vacate. If the tenant can't pay their rent within 14 days, they must leave to avoid eviction.

Lease or Rental Agreement Violations

These actions include things that are forbidden in the lease agreement, e.g., keeping pets or smoking.

The landlord must provide the tenant with a 10-day notice to comply before they can evict the tenant. If the tenant does not rectify the situation within 10 days, the landlord can start the eviction process.

A landlord can issue a 3-day notice to quit in the case of more serious infringements, like criminal activity. This means they must move out.

Expiry of the Lease Agreement

If the tenant does not renew their lease and they remain in place after it expires, the landlord gives them a 20-day notice. They must either renew the lease or leave within this time.

The Eviction Procedure in Lynnwood, WA

On average, the entire eviction process takes between one and three months in Washington State.

When the applicable notice period is over, the landlord may commence filing for an unlawful detainer action. This signifies the beginning of the eviction lawsuit.

The first step is going to the superior court where the property is located, paying the filing fee, and filling out the forms. The court will issue a summons and arrange for the tenant to receive the necessary documentation.

After they receive the summons and complaint, the tenant has up to 30 days to file an answer. When the court receives their answer, they will set a date for the hearing.

Snohomish County residents may apply for legal assistance if they feel they've been wrongfully evicted.

If the tenant does not answer, the judge will rule in favor of the landlord without scheduling a hearing.

Once the judge makes their decision, both parties must comply with the ruling. If the landlord wins the case, the court will issue a writ of restitution. This is a court order informing the tenant that they must vacate the property within 5 days.

If they don't leave in time, law enforcement officers will forcibly remove them from the property.

Relieve the Worries Associated with Evictions

Hiring a property management team is one way to limit costly and unpleasant evictions in Lynnwood, WA.

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